The Year of Rain: The end of the longest droughts in sports

Any and every sports fan knows about the end to Cleveland’s historic title-less drought by now, but that makes me wonder… what other droughts could be ending in the near future?

Before LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers completed an unprecedented comeback from being down 3-1 to the Golden State Warriors in the NBA Finals, the city of Cleveland, Ohio had gone 52 years without tasting victory. The drought is over, and the city’s sports teams are feeling it. The Indians own the longest winning streak in the league this season and are leading the American League Central Division.

Before we look into what curses could be broken and the droughts that can be ended, let’s reminisce about some of the other feats that have been accomplished this year so far.

How about we start with the sexiest of all accomplishments? “Big Sexy” Bartolo Colon hit his first home run of his 19-year career on May 7, 2016. At 42 years old, Colon became the oldest player in MLB history to hit his first home run. As a result, the sports world went nuts with memes, t-shirts and all sorts of “Big Sexy” products. Someone even simulated a season of MLB: The Show in which all of the players on the game were Bartolo Colon.


The Villanova Wildcats won their first men’s basketball national championship since 1985. It took one of the best games in NCAA history and a buzzer-beating three-point shot by Kris Jenkins to end the 31-year drought.


In 2015, the Kansas City Royals also ended a 31-year drought by defeating the New York Mets to win the World Series for the first time since 1985.


A lot of fans have been experiencing the thrill of ultimate victory for the first times in their lives. Let’s see if we can predict what other fan bases will be joining them.

We start with four baseball teams, who are all among the best records in the majors, and all have a chance at bringing home the championship in 2016.

Chicago Cubs

The Cubs have quickly become one of the best teams in Major League Baseball after taking the traditional route of building from ground up. Most sports fans know of or have heard of the “Curse of the Billy Goat.” The North Side drought is the longest in professional sports. Let’s just say your great grandparents have not seen the Cubs win the World Series. It has officially been 107 years since the North Side claimed the title.

On the bright side, they made it all the way to the NLCS in 2015 and have one of the best records in the majors in 2016. The Cubs started blazing hot in 2016, getting off to a 46-20 record in the first few months of the season. They have cooled off since then, but many people still have the Cubs as the World Series favorites.


Can you imagine what the city of Chicago will look like if the Cubs win it all? Chicago Fire: the Sequel… too soon?

Cleveland Indians

Not surprising that the Indians would have one of the longest droughts in professional sports, considering the entire city had gone 52 years without a title.

The Indians have gone an astounding 67 years without winning the World Series. If only they could just find the next Willie Mays Hayes and Ricky Vaughn to lead them all the way.

But… the Cavaliers has given something to the city because the Indians now own the best record in the majors after rifling off 14 wins in a row following the Cavs magnificent title run.


If the magic continues, this drought could end as well… leading the way for the Browns to complete the sweep.

HAHAHA I’m kidding. I doubt that RG3rd string can lead a team to the Super Bowl.

Texas Rangers

After all of the success that Ron Washington in Texas, it is hard to believe that the Texas Rangers have never won a World Series in franchise history. The franchise began in 1961, placing the drought at a long 55 years.

With star players like Nolan Ryan among the all-time Rangers greats, one would think that they would be able to win at least one title.


Nevertheless, they are among the best teams in baseball. They have a legitimate ace in Cole Hamels leading the way. It would not be out of the realm of possibility to see this drought end in 2016.

Washington Nationals

Before they were the Washington Nationals, they were the Montreal Expos. The Expos were not a very successful franchise; however, since they have moved to the nation’s capital, they have had some very competitive teams. They have also had some epic collapses including last season, when they gave up a large division lead to the New York Mets and ended up missing the playoffs all together, adding to the franchise’s 44-year drought.

Despite last year’s debacle, the Nationals have a championship caliber team in 2016. They lead the defending NL Champion Mets in the NL East, and they also have the reigning NL MVP Bryce Harper.


Washington D.C., who is tied for the title-less longest drought among sites with at least three major pro teams, may be a city of champions come October.

And finally… a man’s sport. Just kidding. Have you ever tried to hit a 100 mph fastball? Good luck!

Arizona Cardinals

The pride and joy of the desert has not won a Super Bowl, or even a championship since moving to Arizona. They were established in 1920 as the Chicago Cardinals and were eventually moved to St. Louis before ending up in the Southwest.

All the moves didn’t matter, as the team has not won a championship in 67 years.


With veteran Carson Palmer behind center, swagmaster Bruce Arians at the helm and the “No Flight Zone” on defense, the Cardinals are looking to improve on their NFC Championship loss in 2015. Tyrann Mathieu is healthy this time around, so look for Arizona to make a run at the title in 2016.

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