Winners & Losers of MLB Trade Deadline

Another year, another trade deadline passed for Major League Baseball. You’ll always have some shockers and some head-scratchers, but it truly wouldn’t be a deadline without some curveballs. So without further ado, let’s see my Winners and Losers:


  • Cleveland Indians
    The White Sox season is already in the dumps, so no chance to clinch the division at this point. This season, Cleveland has been the true sleeper. In the same division as the World Series champion Royals and the money-pitted Tigers, you wouldn’t expect the Indians to be making this big of a difference. Holding a solid 4.5 game lead over the 2nd place Tigers, the Indians added more talent to their pitching rotation. On Sunday, they acquired New York Yankee’s Andrew Miller, who is 6-1 with a 1.39 ERA in exchange for prospects. Gulp.


  • Baltimore Orioles
    The AL East division is extremely tough this year. The Baltimore Orioles are leading by a half-game over last year’s division champs, Toronto Blue Jays. It’s essentially a three-way race for first place in this division. That’s right, the Boston Red Sox are only a game and a half behind Baltimore, thanks to the young bats of Mookie Betts and Jackie Bradley Jr…. and of course, David ‘Big Papi’ Ortiz’s dynamic “final” year. The Orioles already have a stacked team, but on Sunday, they acquired Wade Miley from Seattle, who’s presence as a lefty could provide a spark to the pitching game.


  • Chicago Cubs
    One of the best teams in the league just got better. We all know how amazing the Cubs are, but acquiring the fastest reliever in the game in Aroldis Chapman?! That’ll certainly help with their bullpen struggles.


  • Texas Rangers
    Alright Texas, we see you. After 4 months, the Rangers have a solid 6-game lead over the Houston Astros, whilst dealing with injuries along the way. They’re good, right? Yes, but they’ve found a way to become better. They got Carlos Beltran, the power-hitting outfielder from the Yankees, as well as getting Milwaukee’s all-star catcher, Jonathan Lucroy. I can guarantee you, we will be seeing the Rangers in October this season and many more to come.

lucroy beltran


  • Chicago White Sox
    Shocker, right? As a White Sox fan, it pains me to not see any notifications on my phone when it comes to the trade deadline. What started as a very promising  season in April, with an AL-leading record of 17-8, has become another disappointing year as reality set in; big bats went silent, management’s common sense went south, and quality/near-excellent starts from our pitchers get blown by the bullpen. After 4 months of play, they now are 51-54, 10.5 games behind the first-place Indians. When the deadline comes around, we’re going to sell sell sell, right? Not quite. The ingenious general manager, Rick Hahn,  traded one reliever to St. Louis and optioned an outfielder to AAA. Wait, so that’s it? After criticizing the team of being “mired in mediocrity,” he does absolutely nothing at the trade deadline. Let us fans soak in this mediocrity because with the management we have, there’s no chance we’re going to win the division any time soon.


  • Pittsburgh Pirates
    In my opinion, the most disappointing team in the National League. It all started last postseason, when they were embarrassed in the Wild Card game at home against the Chicago Cubs. Yes, they’re in a tough division with Chicago and the St. Louis Cardinals, but there can be no excuses. With an offensive powerhouse including the dangerous Andrew McCutchen, Josh Harrison, and David Freese, you’d expect them to power their way to the postseason, right? Well they have a lot of work to do if they want to make it there. They’re 10.5 games behind the Cubs, and they need to make changes. What do they do? Trade away one of their best starters in Francisco Liriano to the Blue Jays, and Mark Melancon to Washington. How does that help their struggling offense? Good question.



   Matt Hrncar

Raised in a competitive family, sports has been the majority of my life. Not only playing but watching as well. Born in Oak Lawn, IL (suburb of Chicago), I tend to have a bias, but I try to keep an open mind. Nonetheless, I enjoy watching and talking sports.

Twitter: @ChiTownGuy24

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