Top 10 NCAA Tournament Upsets of All-Time

After a relatively uneventful first round of March Madness, I figured I would give us a chance to reflect on all of the crazy upset finishes we have seen over the last few decades. The art of the upset is something we can all resonate with. The underdog story. Just think of the classic sports movie “Little Giants.” Giants coach Danny O’Shea said it best as he rallied his team at halftime, “Even if those Cowboys are better than you guys, even if they beat you 99 times out of 100, that still leaves…”

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2016 NFL Division Predictions: AFC West

I was having a discussion in one of the sports groups I’m a part of on Facebook about which divisions have the best chance to send three teams to the postseason. There were two that I think have the potential to do that. The first division was the subject of my first “Division Prediction” article, the NFC North. The second division is the subject of this article, the AFC West.

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2016 Division Predictions: NFC North

It’s almost that time of year. The time friends and family become enemies and foes. Where Sunday’s full of get togethers consisting of grilling, drinking beer and watching football with those you cherish becomes a weekly tradition until February. For most people, football season starts Week 1 of the regular season, but for the die-hards like myself, it starts with the Hall of Fame game. And since the NFL season starts Sunday (for me at least), I feel that it’s time to start predicting how each division will potentially play out this season. And to kick off my “Division Predictions” series, I’ll begin with the division in which my beloved Green Bay Packers reside; the NFC North.

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Russell Westbrook, Oklahoma City Thunder Agree To A 3-year/$85 Million Contract Extension

It has been a tumultuous past couple of months for the Oklahoma City Thunder, to say the least. They lost a heartbreaking series against the Warriors in the Western Conference Finals, a series which they dominated the first 4 games only to see Golden State come back and crush their championship hopes.

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Why Elena Della Donne’s relaxed approach to coming out is good for sports

In a world where racial, cultural and gender differences continue to separate people, sports have always been a source for comradery among athletes of all backgrounds. On the other hand, sexual orientation has been something that has either been frowned upon or ignored within the confines of a sports locker room. However, within the last few years, athletes have been courageously opening up about their homosexuality.

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